Helical Shelf System is a mechanical, kinematic, 3D printed piece of furniture. The shelf system is comprised of triangular helixes, cogs, belts and shelves. The helixes move simultaneously causing the shelves to move up and down. This prototype has two helixes of different frequency. Geometrically they twist in opposite directions so when they are rotated one shelf ascends and the other descends. They have the same rotational frequency but different heights so the shelves move to the full extent of each helix. The helixes move through helical components that are situated in the wooden shelves. The feet at the bottom are functional and sculptural, bracing the rods and housing each cog and belt. The helixes and feet are great examples of the complex forms easily achievable with a 3D printer. This first prototype is a proof of concept and demonstrates the helical elevation principle.


Helical Shelf System from Ed Rawle on Vimeo.